5 Signs Your Pet Might Be Sick in Essex

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When it comes to our pets, we love them dearly. Unfortunately, sometimes they get sick and we don’t always know it. But if you have it on your radar, you might be able to help and bring them to an emergency vet to get healed up before it’s too late. Read on to learn more about the signs that your pet might be sick. If you find that they match how your pet is acting, take them to a 24 hour vet in Essex or one in your area immediately to give them the best chance for treatment.

5 Signs Your Pet Might Be Sick

1. Acting strangely.

Odd behaviour may be one of the main factors that alerts you to the possibility that your pet might be sick. If your pet is usually affectionate or full of energy and all of a sudden they are acting oddly and not like themselves, it could be a sign that they are going through something or suffering quite a bit. If they are being aggressive, acting odd, hiding, not eating, or doing anything out of the ordinary, it may be a sign that they are sick.

2. Hiding or remaining out of sight.

If your pet is usually around all the time but suddenly you can’t really find them, and when you do they are hiding, it’s usually a tell tale sign that they are sick. Animals have an instinct to hide when they are sick because they will either heal or die from it, and they are vulnerable to predators and the outside world when they’re sick. Humans usually think nothing of it when their pet disappears, but if it’s more than them just getting occupied or sleeping somewhere unusual for a day, you should check it out. An absent pet will usually let you know that there is something wrong.

  1. Not going in their litter box or acting strangely when they have to go to the bathroom.

    A cat pooping outside their litter box, attempting to pee on the furniture, or a dog going to the bathroom indoors when they usually go outside can be a major sign that they are sick. They might not feel well enough to go to the bathroom or it may even hurt. This is a cry for help, so pay attention. If this happens, bring them to an emergency vet immediately.

    4. A change in their routine.

    Any change in their routine is cause for concern. If your dog is uninterested in playing with his favourite toys but he usually does so every day, it could be a sign they are not feeling well. Only you know your pet’s routine, so pay attention when they break it. If they are acting oddly, bring them to a 24 hour vet in Essex and have them checked out.

    5. Changes in their physical appearance.

    Another big way to tell that your pet is potentially sick is a drastic change in their appearance. If your pet always smells good but all of a sudden smells odd or off, if their fur is usually lustrous but looks matted and dull, if their eyes are usually bright and alert but look dull and faded, they may be sick and their illness may be to blame. If this is the case, bring your pet to an emergency vet and have them looked at. It usually is a sign that they are under the weather and keep in mind that they could die if they’re left untreated.

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