Do you know these different types of dentists in Lethbridge?

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Do you know these different types of dentists?


Although most of us only know one type of dentist, the general dentist, it turns out that there are several types of dentists in Lethbridge. Each of these types of dentists specializes in one or a few specific things and in most cases, you are not likely to get an appointment with them unless you’re referred by a general dentist. So, do you know the following types of dentists?


Pediatric dentist

The majority of us will recognize this dentist as one who deals with the dental care of children and young adults. They are also tasked with guiding children through their dental development and will usually work closely with other physicians and dental specialists from their west side dental office in Lethbridge.



These are dentists who specialize in root canal therapy and surgical procedures. They are concerned with the human dental pulp and tissues. They deal with preventing and treating diseases and injuries of the tooth pulp and other tissue-related conditions.


Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

These dentists are actually orthopedic facial surgeons. They carry out a wide range of surgeries, including facial reconstruction and removal of impacted teeth. They are also tasked with dealing with injuries, diseases and defects of the soft and hard tissues of the maxillofacial and oral regions of the face.



These dentists deal with facial abnormalities and disorders of the jaw. They specialize in the prevention and detection of all irregularities of the jaw, teeth and bite. To get an appointment with this type of dentist, you have to be referred by a general dentist.



Periodontists do a wide range of jobs, including the prevention of oral diseases, bone regeneration and the care of dental implants. Their main area of focus is the tissues that support and surround the teeth, as well as related surrounding tissues.



This type of dentist is one of the busiest because he/she deals with the restoration and replacement of teeth that have defects. They, therefore, deal with bridges, crowns, broken teeth, dentures and all other dental implants. They also specialize in the dynamics of the smile and are responsible for ensuring their patients have a healthy mouth and smile. In this regard, they work with other dentists in Lethbridge to restore teeth, replace missing ones and develop replacements for damaged maxillofacial and oral tissues.


It does not end there, because a prosthodontist will often leave their west side dental office in Lethbridge to carry out oral restoration on cancer patients, work on correcting traumatic injuries to the mouth, deal with jaw joint problems and try to help patients with snoring and other sleep disorders.


In conclusion

As you can see, there are lots of different types of dentists, each with distinct specializations and roles. It is for this reason that it is very important that you get referred to the right one if your general dentist or doctor deems it important that you see a specialist. For this to happen, it will start with you explaining what dental issues you need help with, so you can get the right specialist to see you and help deal with your problem the right way.


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