Services Offered By a Family Dentist in Courtenay

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If you are searching for a family dentist, you might wonder what type of services these professionals offer. Family dentists offer a wide range of services and it is vital to find one who offers all the dental services that your family needs. This assures you that your family’s dental needs are taken care of. Read on to find out about some of the services provided by a Courtenay family dentist.

Preventative Care

This refers to cleanings, sealants, fluoride treatments and mouth guards meant to prevent dental problems. Each of these procedures or treatments is designed to keep your teeth healthy, avoiding cavities or alignment problems. Preventative care treatments are among the most important and affordable services provided by a Courtenay family dentist. Before settling for a certain family dentist, ensure that they offer all the preventative care services you require.

Restorative Services

Sometimes damage happens to teeth, regardless of how careful you are. A Courtenay family dentist might be able to assist with implants, fillings, bridges, crowns and dentures, plus other restorative services. While these might not bring back your natural teeth, they do put something in the mouth to take the place of the missing tooth or the injured part of the tooth. This can help to prevent future dental issues and further damage to your smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental implants, dentures, bridges, crowns and teeth whitening are considered necessary procedures in dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry treatments supplement the services provided by a family dentist, and are meant to improve a patient’s smile. Teeth whitening and porcelain veneers are among the most common services under this category. They greatly improve the appearance of a patient’s smile, but not necessarily the functionality of their teeth. Not all dental practitioners practice cosmetic dentistry, thus you should look for a family dentist who does it if this is significant for your family.

Periodontal Services

This refers to the bones in one’s mouth and gums. Gum surgery plus treatment for bone or gum diseases fall under this category. Most times, preventative care treatments can prevent these issues, but if you happen to have an issue with your gums or the bones in your mouth, you will require a family dentist with experience in this area, as well.

Oral Surgery/Endodontics

Endodontics/oral surgery includes some of the more sophisticated dental procedures. It includes biopsies for oral cancers, root canals and tooth extractions. If a family dentist you are considering does not provide these services, ask if there is a reliable professional they can recommend if you require them in the future. If possible, find a dental practice with an oral surgeon as part of their staff. This way, you can have all your dental care done in one dental clinic throughout your lifetime.


This refers to the positioning of your teeth. Retainers, braces and other teeth straightening procedures all fall into this group. Orthodontists undergo additional training besides the usual dental school, so find out whether or not a potential dental practice employs an orthodontist. This would be the best situation, since the orthodontist can work alongside your Courtenay family dentist to look after your family’s overall oral health.


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