Benefits of Shockwave Therapy

shockwave therapy

When seeking services related to a massage therapy in Calgary, you might want to consider shockwave therapy as well. Shockwave therapy has quickly gained popularity in Canada over the last two decades. Treatment through shockwave therapy in Calgary is popularly used in physical therapy, cardiology, urology, and orthopedics. The shockwaves applied in this form of treatment are comprised of a series of high amplitude energy pulses, which are generated by an electromagnetic coil. Below we present some good reasons for and benefits of shockwave therapy.

  1. Your Condition Can Be Treated Using Shockwave Therapy

Many conditions and ailments respond positively to treatment using shockwave therapy in Calgary. Individuals suffering from heel spurs or plantar fasciitis have exhibited extremely good results from the treatment. However, your physiotherapist or doctor will be in a better position to recommend the most appropriate form of shockwave therapy or massage therapy in Calgary.

  1. Where Other Treatment Options Have Failed

If you previously tried less costly and simpler treatment methods with little success, then you should definitely try shockwave therapy. Since other treatment methods take time to show results, it is advisable that you only discount the treatments if you’ve been undergoing consistent treatment for an extended period of time with zero improvements.

  1. When The Only Alternatives Available For You Are Invasive Treatments Or Surgery

In some instances, your condition may be very serious, to the point that it requires surgery. Even so, surgery presents major inconveniences and risks. Furthermore, surgery has a long recovery period and there is no guarantee that it will be successful. Many patients are daunted by the thought of surgery and other invasive forms of treatment procedures, thus causing them to avoid them when possible. Shockwave therapy in Calgary presents you with a more feasible alternative for patients who do not want to undergo risky, complex surgical procedures.

  1. Proven To Be Highly Effective

Many studies indicate that shockwave treatment is highly effective and the studies show that the treatment has a high success rate. Therefore, when you opt for this treatment method, you have a high probability of getting positive results. It can be used effectively and quickly to treat pain.

 5. Very Safe

Apart from being a non-invasive form of treatment, shockwave therapy provides you a safe alternative. You can expect no negative side effects. When you undergo the treatment, you might feel some pain or discomfort after completion of the procedure. However, this discomfort is caused by the body’s healing process. Interestingly, the pain only lasts a day. During this period, specialists might advise you to avoid any rigorous activities.

Like other forms of treatment, it is highly recommended that you consult a doctor before undergoing massage therapy in Calgary or shockwave therapy in Calgary. Furthermore, you should notify your physiotherapist about any pre-existing conditions you have before scheduling treatment. If you are interested in knowing whether you qualify as a candidate for these forms of treatment options, you should not hesitate to consult qualified physiotherapists. Numerous studies show that shockwave therapy is a standard of care recommended for a number of conditions, so it’s worth a try.

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