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If you are in constant pain as a result of a degenerative condition, a car accident, a work or sports-related injury, then what you need is to visit a properly staffed and well-equipped chiropractic and massage therapy clinic for professional assistance. Fortunately, there are such clinics that have skilled and vastly experienced therapists that can handle different kinds of injuries and conditions. Whether you are suffering from constant back, joint or neck pain, these professionals can help.

Chiropractic and Massage Therapy Clinics in Calgary

If you are a resident or have visited Calgary to seek treatment for your pain, injuries, muscle, bone or joint related problems, there are clinics that can help. Besides having some of the most qualified therapists in the country, these clinics are also equipped with modern state-of-the-art equipment designed to enhance accuracy, efficiency, and safety during the diagnosis and treatment of different conditions. Whether you have a condition that needs to be remedied through cold laser therapy or spinal decompression, this ccenterscan help. The services they offer include:

1.Cold Laser Therapy in Calgary

This is a more advanced form of therapy that usually involves the use of a low-power laser to help in pain control as well as tissue healing. The laser usually penetrates deep into the damaged cells, hence stimulating those enzymes that are responsible for the growth of these cells. This in turn enhances cell regeneration and the healing of the affected tissues. Cold laser therapy has also been proven to provide pain relief due to the effects of serotonin and endorphins that are released. This therapy can be used to treat:


b)Arthritis Pain

c)Sprained Ankles


e)Muscles Strain

f)Joint Sprain



  1. i) Other chronic and acute pain conditions

2.Spinal Decompression in Calgary

This is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment that can treat chronic pain that may have resulted from different ailments. For instance, such pain may be caused by arthritic issues or back pain caused by excessive pressure being exerted on spinal nerves due to expansion of the spinal discs. This technique can be used to treat:

a)Herniated Discs

b)Degenerative Discs

c)The Facet Syndrome

3.Massage Therapy

Whether you need help with your chronic injury, constant pain or insurmountable stress, these clinics have very highly skilled massage therapists that can help. They are well-trained in a range of therapeutic techniques that may be specifically tailored to your needs. Massage therapy has numerous health benefits and is normally used in treating and relieving different conditions, including:

a)Carpal tunnel syndrome

b)Neck and back pain

c)Strains, sprains, and spasms

d)Whiplash injuries


f)Arthritis and tendonitis

g)Chronic and acute sports injuries

h)Stress and other associated conditions

i)Jaw-pain & TMJ dysfunction

These centres can also offer you shock wave therapy, taping, intramuscular stimulation, as well as balance and vestibular rehabilitation, among other therapies and treatment techniques. Moreover, their staff members will patiently walk you through every step of their therapies until you fully recover. Whether you need spinal decompression or cold laser therapy you can count on these centres to help.

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