Some Dangers Of Teeth Whitening Home Options

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The media has been pushing for DIY teeth whitening in Peterborough. They try to sell it (and successfully), as a safe and easy process. However, unknown to most, DIY teeth whitening comes with its fair share of dangers. And with the bleaching toothpaste gaining popularity all over the world, it is important to point out the possible side effects of unsupervised teeth whitening.

Teeth sensitivity If you really want to have your teeth whitened, you should visit a cosmetic dentist. A professional cosmetic dentist will guide you through the right and safe processes and use just the right amounts of chemicals to achieve your desired results. You see, teeth whitening works by eroding the top layer of the enamel. Too much erosion can lead to heightened tooth sensitivity which can be uncomfortable and lead to other teeth problems.

Gum irritation This is yet another side effect of home teeth whitening methods. In the event that the chemicals used seep into the cavities that users are not aware of, or if it seeps into cracked teeth, the damage can cause great pain. The only relief may be getting a root canal. And here is the thing, most of the effects and damage caused do not go away in a short time. It takes a while. But the cavities are treatable and reversible when one stops using chemicals. Issues crop up when some individuals do not stop using the teeth whitening chemicals even when the signs are clear they need to. Most go back to using the teeth whitening products when the effects start to wear off. But this mostly happens with wine drinkers, smokers and coffee drinkers.

The substances in these products stain the teeth with great ease and fast. In addition to gum irritation, other side effects include issues with the enamel and uneven whiteness. Safer Alternatives Regardless of whether you are seeking to have your teeth whitened by a cosmetic dentist or DIY methods, it is a great idea that you take some time to discuss your plans with a professional cosmetic dentist. Emphasis is on the term cosmetic, as most regular dentists may not be qualified to provide guidance on the matter. With that said, if you have a choice to choose between the two options, professional teeth whitening or DIY teeth whitening, you should prefer the professional methods. Why? Well, the professional methods are the safest, feature the latest technology and their effects last way longer than the DIY versions.

Additionally, if you are not well conversant with the DIY teeth whitening methods, you may experience some unanticipated results. Involving a professional cosmetic dentist will have you assured that your teeth are in able hands – those of an expert with several years working to achieve whiter teeth for his/her clients.

Conclusion Yes, all DIY teeth whitening options are marketed to be great and devoid of negative effects. But with this article, you are now in the know. Professional options for teeth whitening are the best. They are safer, faster and have long-lasting effects in comparison to the home options.

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